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My name is James Reynolds and my initial training was as a scientist. I spent many years combining the writing of reference works on medicines and poisons with the creation of sculpture. Not surprisingly much of my work has explored biological ideas.

Now I concentrate on sculpture. And that sculpture can be very varied. The work may be carved, modelled or fabricated; it may be in wood, stone, fibreglass or, increasingly, in silver. The result may be abstract, representational or it may be a piece of lettercutting reflecting my continued interest in words and letters, not to mention my sense of humour.

I am trying to achieve an elegance in the forms I create. Craftsmanship is important so there is close attention to fine detail (which is perhaps why the craft of the silversmith is so appealing). There is also a tactile quality to my sculpture. Handling the work or exploring the surfaces by touch adds to the appreciation of the piece. The piece I am working on in the accompanying image (by photographer Val Corbett) is certainly meant to be touched and even sat upon. Read more about that project in the News and Events section of the website.

The scale of my work varies, say from 2 metres in height for some garden sculpture to 50mm for some of the small silverwork. Some of the garden sculptures incorporate water. Some are designed to move in the wind or to make use of changing shadows. While there is a serious intent to all my work, there can also be a lightness of touch. If some of the work conjures up a smile, so much the better.

I hope you enjoy looking at the images in the various galleries that are indicated on the menu and elsewhere on the site. Clicking say on the Sculpture tab will bring up thumbnail images of some pieces; clicking on one of those thumbnails will bring up an enlarged image with a brief description of the piece and whether it is available for sale. Prices range from around a hundred pounds into the thousands. Most are in the low hundreds.

Finally, if you want to get in touch for any other reason, please use the contact email on this page or the main contact form. I would love to hear from you.

Jimmy Reynolds - hands at work

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