Not that long ago a generous friend reacted to a sculpture that I had made using brass sheet. He had some metal that he no longer needed. Would I like to have it? What he gave me was about a square metre of 3mm thick copper sheet and about half a square metre of 6mm thick brass sheet.

The brass sheet was soon put to use in further explorations of trios or threesomes. Here is an image of the sculpture that caught my friend’s attention. It is called Magi after the three kings or wise men and each unit is free standing so that the sculpture can be rearranged.

I followed up this theme with the new brass sheet, although this time I fixed the three components to make a sculpture simply called Trio.

The copper sheet sat around the studio for a bit longer. It was not until I was working on a theme of safe havens that I saw its potential. Here is what emerged; it is called Refuge.

As spring came and the birds started their courtships I used the remnants of the copper sheet to make this sculpture called Nest.