An interesting fairly recent commission was for a sculpture for a courtyard that was bounded by the house wall on one side and by a 3-metre high brick wall on another. The proposal that the clients accepted was for three interweaving arches, the tallest of which would be just short of 3 metres. The arches would be made out of fibreglass which I suggested should be coloured yellow – not a colour the clients liked; their choice was a lilac blue which of course is what we went for.

I quickly realised that I would have to make a prototype to work out how to cope with the problems that were bound to emerge – and boy did they emerge. However, if I used yellow pigment in the prototype I would be able to see the sculpture as I had originally envisaged it. And that is what I did.

Here are some pictures of some of the stages I went through in creating Les Arcs.

And here is an image of the prototype installed at our place.