Commissions have several benefits. Yes, it can be daunting to be asked to produce several ideas for a client to choose from – but you have those ideas to draw on later.

One idea that I came up with but was rejected by the client in favour of something else was for flowing metal forms – drawing in space if you like – where the shadows are as important as the structure. This led to a table top sculpture in silver shown here called Flow 1.

And then another more robust silver piece called Flow 2.

Having tested the water, I was ready to up the scale, so I called on the assistance of the local blacksmith to produce the following piece. This to some extent expressed that initial idea and so was called Flow. The longest component was about 2 metres, but by the time the curves were built in the sculpture was fairly compact.

It was time to up the scale again to components that were up to 3 metres long – any bigger would have complications for transport and for studio space. The next two pieces followed in quick succession. Their dance like qualities suggested the title Spirit of the Dance for the first one shown here in a discerning customer’s garden.

The second one was named Terpsichore and is shown below.

I made one more sculpture in this series. Here it is. It is called Printemps. Like the others it has a quality that lifts the spirits and I feel quite proud of that.