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One Thing Leads to Another

As a result of the success of the commission for Crag Stone at Pooley Bridge (see below), the village council has asked me to carve two slate 'clogs' to act as village signs. Unfortunately the supply of slate 'clogs' has dried up, but I have been able to source some...

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Never Let a Good Idea Go to Waste

Commissions have several benefits. Yes, it can be daunting to be asked to produce several ideas for a client to choose from – but you have those ideas to draw on later. One idea that I came up with but was rejected by the client in favour of something else was for...

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A Celebration of Bridges

In 2015 Storm Desmond created havoc in a little Cumbrian village called Pooley Bridge by washing away its 18th century arched stone bridge over the river Eamont. It was not until 2020 that the village got a replacement, a new elegant single-span steel bridge. To...

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Garden Sculpture

An interesting fairly recent commission was for a sculpture for a courtyard that was bounded by the house wall on one side and by a 3-metre high brick wall on another. The proposal that the clients accepted was for three interweaving arches, the tallest of which would...

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From Gifts of Metal

Not that long ago a generous friend reacted to a sculpture that I had made using brass sheet. He had some metal that he no longer needed. Would I like to have it? What he gave me was about a square metre of 3mm thick copper sheet and about half a square metre of 6mm...

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