I like to keep my finished sculptures around the studio as one piece often leads to another. Also, to be honest, sculpture does take time to sell. Some pieces may have been around for some years – and during that time one’s views change and skills may have improved. So, why not readdress a piece that you do not think has stood the test of time?

There is an interesting story about Ben Nicholson having to be stopped trying to take his scalpel to improve one of his works being held in the Tate Gallery’s stores. Luckily I did not have to cope with that restraint when it came to a wood carving, shown below, that I had created several years ago.

The piece was intended to be seen as a low plane exploring tactile sinuous flows. The tactile aspect worked alright, but I was unhappy with the visual aspect. Turning the piece through 90 degrees to hang it on a wall brought some improvement, but more carving was needed to balance the form before I was happy – for now.