I view all my work as sculpture, be it lettercutting, silver work, carving, modeling, construction or land forming. It may be abstract or figurative.

My themes are varied. Having a scientific background does influence my work and I find that I often return to exploring emerging forms – what could be going on inside those forms – trying to convey an inner energy when the sculpture is handled. There is also the energy or relationship to be explored with sculptures made up of several forms that can be rearranged or can be walked around or between.

The medium often dictates a piece. The sculpture called Zephyr, for instance, came about by my spotting that parts of a piece of riven slate looked like hair streaming in the wind. That led to the carving of the face with most of the natural riven stone structure being left untouched. Only when that piece was finished did I realise the influence of the mascot on early Rolls Royce cars. Sometimes the riven slate surface may remind me of a grey sea just waiting for a silver boat to sail over it.

My carving is currently in slate, lime or yew. Modelling is done in clay from which I create moulds for casting small editions. Larger works tend to be made in plaster and subsequently cast. A few sculptures may be constructed from fibreglass or metal.

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