Silver is an interesting medium for sculpture because of its reflective and tactile qualities. It also demands a high level of craftsmanship that fits in with my work practice and it gives me control over all aspects of the creation of a piece. In the two ‘Boxes of Delights’, the female forms were modelled and then cast in silver, the boxes were constructed from sheet silver, the hinges were hand made – the only part of the process that required another hand was the hall marking!

Because silver is easily worked I can use it to create a range of elegant sculptural forms. Often I combine silver with stone, wood or even resin. The piece called Majesty is a mixture of slate with silver. It is intended to convey poise, grace, style and yet it is mostly made of a common stone, albeit one that has a few tiny speckles of glinting quartz that echo the silver.

I make some jewelry – really small wearable sculptures – and, to keep my hand in, I design and make some domestic silverware.

All my silver work is hall marked at the Edinburgh Assay Office.

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