Testing Times.

Whatever I create starts with an idea and that idea will have been fed by all sorts of influences, many unbeknown to me. However, there are some influences that are all too apparent. Last year, for instance, I felt that the whole BREXIT business needed some counteraction – whatever view you took there needed to be something to brighten us up.

My response was this light-hearted piece called Joie de Vivre. It stands at just over 1 metre in height. The letters are carved into a piece of black slate and the flexible wee man doing his high kick is made out of coloured silicone slightly stiffened with a binding agent. Any appearance to me is completely accidental.

Then along came the coronavirus just when I happened to be working on a coloured glass sculpture. At a time when the nation was producing painted rainbows in support of the NHS, here was me creating much the same.

The finished work, called Elation, is 1.7 metres high. The frame is made out of steel and wood. It makes quite a statement and it does lift one’s spirits – at least it does mine.